My Feelings About Sports

I’ve always loved sports and try to do well in all sports, even if I’m not the best student in that specific sport. As I’m growing up, my feelings towards some sports have changed. This webpage is about my favorite sports.


Soccer is my favorite sport out of all the sports because I’ve been playing it for the longest. Soccer has been a part of my life, as I’ve gone to tournaments and followed my brothers to their tournaments for years. Since I’m more skilled in soccer compared to in other sports, I also have more fun playing it.


My feelings about basketball have changed a lot. When I was really young, I loved it and then I hated it because of a bad experience. But now, as I play basketball more and go to lessons, I like it more and more.


I’ve always loved running my whole life, but it hasn’t been until a few years ago that I had considered it a sport. Running, I feel like, is a more peaceful sport. It also doesn’t require any equipment at all, except for good shoes.


I’ve always enjoyed swimming and was quite good at it. I don’t consider myself as bad, but I’m definitely not the top best swimmer. However, I do enjoy swimming just for the fun of it.


I didn’t like volleyball for a long time because I was pretty bad at it. However, starting from this year, I’ve started to like it more. Additionally, I definitely enjoy it more than other sports that don’t even belong on this list.